Sunday, December 4, 2016

Vilano FORZA 4.0 Road Bike

The Vilano FORZA 4.0 Road Bike – Follow the Road with this Premium Cycle

Vilano FORZA 4.0 Road Bike
If you are a beginning cyclist or enjoy biking on pavement, then you’ll want to take a closer look at the Vilano FORZA 4.0 road bike. This highly rated cycle is designed with an integrated brake lever and shifters, a lightweight and durable aluminum frame, and 24 speeds.
Bicycle Specs
The specs are impressive on this bike too as the cycle features formula hubs and 700c double walled rims with CNC machined black anodized sides. Kenda tires and Promax brakes are included on the bike too.

Some Noted Features of the Vilano FORZA 4.0 Road Bike

  • A Strong Lightweight 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • Integrated Brake Lever / Shifters
  • 24 Speeds to Handle any Situation
  • Wheelset: Double Walled w/ CNC Machined Sides
  • Free Pedals Included

Most of the Reviews were Favorable

When you look at consumer reviews for the Vilano FORZA 4.0 road bike, most purchasers give the bike four and five-star ratings out for an overall rating system of five stars. Most people who purchased the Vilano FORZA 4.0 road bike then had few, if any, complaints about their purchase.

Good for Short Rides around Town
One four-star review came from a consumer who said that, although he was a big guy, the bike fit him well. However, he did not care for the basic leather seat, which, he noted, was unforgiving when he was riding the bike. Therefore, he would recommend this bike for short rides around town versus using it for traveling long distances.

He commented that most all the parts were quality parts except for the shifter, which he added had to be replaced after he initially rode the bike. He said that he assembled the Vilano road bike himself. However, he remarked that he had adjustments made to the bike at a local repair shop as he had made some mistakes while assembling the bike.

The Parts were Made of Premium Materials
One five-star review came from a consumer who said that he had been riding the Vilano FORZA 4.0 road bike for almost a year. He said that the bike was a high-caliber cycle and that it even performed well against such top-ranked cylces as Bianchi and Cannondale.

He commented that he liked the rims on the bike as they had more spokes and therefore were more durable. The gears worked well and he felt all the parts were made of premium materials.

He mentioned that he chose to change the seat on the bike for a small cost. While he thought the original seat was well-made, he felt an upgrade was in order as he covered long distances when he rode the bike. In addition, he chose to change the stem and pedals for basically the same reason too.

The Brakes Worked Well on the Bike
He said that the brakes worked well on the bike. However, he recommended that consumers have a local bicycle shop assemble the Vilano FORZA 4.0 road bike before it is used. That way, everything will be adjusted on the bike properly as well as fine-tuned.

Vilano FORZA Road Bike
A Great Starter Bike
Another consumer, who gave the Vilano FORZA 4.0 road bike five stars out of five, said that he believed the cycle was a great starter bike. He said that the Vilano bike was solidly built. However, he did comment that the back tire on the cycle had a manufactuer’s defect – a small hole that apparently was patched in the factory

A Good Bike for a Great Price
One five star review came from a cycler who said he felt the Vilano road bike was a good bike for a great price, and commented that the bike performed well. He also said that he had owned the bike for two month and had yet to experience a flat.

Gears worked great too. While he found the lightweight bike to be just a bit on the heavy side (attributing it to the double butted aluminum frame), he didn’t feel that it would be noticed by beginning cyclists.

He said that one of the reasons he selected the Vilano FORZA 4.0 Road Bike was because of the integrated shifting. He liked the location of the shifter – inside the brake handle. Again, in his overall assessment, he found the Vilano FORZA 4.0 road bike to be a super entry level bike.

Liked the Integrated Brakes and Gear Shifters
One five star review came from a consumer who said he upgraded to the Vilano FORZA 4.0 road bike, upon retiring his 30-year-old cycle. After riding the Vilano raod bike for over 300 miles, he said the bike still rode smooth and met with his expectations. Like the other reviewer, he especially liked the integrated brakes and gear shifters – always within reach while riding.

Loved the Bike
However, he was not happy with the seat and did experience a flat rear tire on his initial ride. Nevertheless, he was happy with the bike once he fixed the flat and replaced the seat. All in all he said he said he loved the Vilano FORZA 4.0 road bike even if there were a few glitches he had to first work out.

One Negative Aside
One reviewer was not so forthcoming with positive comments regarding the Vilano FORZA 4.0 road bike. He said that his bike came with outdated parts and complained that the bearing needed adjustment as well. However, none of his comments seemed to reflect on the bike’s performance overall.

In Summation: A Solid Choice for a Beginning Cyclist
When all was said and done, most reviewers were happy with their purchase of the Vilano FORZA 4.0 bike. Although some of the reviewers had to replace the seat on the bike because it was uncomfortable or they needed to fix a flat, they still continued to hail the bike for its quality and performance.

One negative review came from a buyer who complained about the quality of the parts on the bike, adding that the bearing on the cycle also needed adjustment. Nevertheless, even if the bike was not built to perfection, most of the reviewers felt that the Vilano road bike was a solid choice for a beginning cyclist and liked the way the bike handled and rode.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Importance of tire pressure for mountain bikes

Because the importance of tire pressure mountain bikes is high, one of the first things a cyclist needs to learn is its importance. Smoothness and control is determined among other things by correctly inflated tires. Getting a flat tire or hard cycling can be caused by low pressure while uncontrollable and bumpy bikes are determined by high pressure.

There are a few things on which pressure depends and varies, like the condition of the tire, the condition of the mountain trail, terrain type or the personal preferences of the rider. Regulating the tire pressure can be done with a good quality bicycle pump. Also, to take the pressure reading, you will need an accurate gauge. To find out which pressure suits your bike most is recommended to start with a high pressure (from 40 – 50 psi) and then lower it down. On heavier sides is recommended to use high pressure.

The best tire pressure is determined by taking a test ride. Observing how it slides on the mountain, how it runs on the dirt track or how it hooks up in corners can help you in determining the right value. Drop the pressure 5psi in each tire if the pressure is more. Make it the standard pressure only if the new pressure compares well and is more stable and the grip on the ground has improved. If not, rerun the test and drop the pressure marginally.

Observing how you can ride without getting flat tires can help you find the lowest pressure. When the tire compresses against some object and the tube gets damages a tire flattens.

In case of tubeless systems, is recommended to use low pressure (30-40psi). The risk of pinch flats is less in tubeless tires and an occasional rim is not alarming. Because of this, you can run on much lower pressure. It is recommended to be careful when it comes to low pressure because the on a too low pressure the tire will roll under the rim during a hard cornering.

Rolling resistance can be another balancing test, done trough lower pressure. Because it requires extra efforts, the extra rolling resistance gives increased control and climbing traction. Better efficiency is important than better control for cross-country racers.

Determining the air requirement can be also done by squeezing the tire with the hand, giving you a feel of the pressure.

Monday, February 29, 2016

How to choose a good bike for college

Every student should shell out some money to spend a good bicycle ride on campus. Just like you take the time and spend money on buying books and other kinds all items that you need on college you should also consider buying a bicycle because it's practical and it's also great for your health. It will allow you to travel from one department to another and from one block to another more easily and save a lot of time.

It will also allow you to exercise your body and make a good use of your time. Most college students spend a lot of time sitting at the desk either in the classroom or someone else on college. A bicycle will allow you to break this routine every now and then which is great in terms of health benefits.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tricycles for adults - How to pick one

The Trailmate Fun Cycle is a good name for this kind of trike. The Fun Cycle name really describes what it actually is. What makes this adult tricycle stand out is the font wheel drive it has and the ability to steer it with your body instead of handlebars. It looks funky and fun. If you are not the guy who would settle for the ordinary, you will want to consider having one of these Fun Cycles.

Greenspeed folding recumbent trike is a carefully designed trike which can be easily folded an put in a car or stored at home. Again, not many tricycles are easy to fold. Those foldable trikes you found on the market are foldable but you should really consider how much time it is going to take you to fold them. With this one, you can quickly fold the seat with a single key and the same thing applies to the frame.

The double adult tricycle for sale provides a unique experience for coupes who want to ride together. The riding can become a shared activity and the pedaling effort is divided by two. One rider can even take a break and stop pedaling while the other continues to pedal. It makes also a lot easier to have conversations with your partner as s/he sits next to you and not behind you. Some of these machines have four wheels and not just three. So, they are actually quadricycles.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tricycles – how to choose the right one

There are many types of tricycles in the market today. They come from different manufacturers. Most tricycles come with a wide comfortable seat. Some of them have more gears than others. On a 3 wheel bike, you can lean back while you see it is not possible in bicycles.

Tricycles have become a popular choice for boomers and seniors. They are also commonly bought by disabled people and those who have balance problems. The steps through design of the tricycle make it easy to mount and dismount it even for the elderly. Balance is not an issue because all tricycles have a stable platform.

 And you can ride them as slow as you wish. Whenever you feel like stopping, you can pull over and have both feet on the ground with no issue. Seatbacks are one component that is optional in many tricycles. You can get one if you feel the need for extra comfort trike. The riding position of the tricycle is also an ergonomic and easy on the back.

To make riding more comfortable and smooth, tricycles usually have big tires. The handlebars are ergonomically designed and placed in a raised position and the same thing can be said of the extra-large seats.

Many people who consider buying a tricycle are concerned about the availability of replacement parts as well as maintenance. This is nothing to worry about because most trikes use the same standard components that you can find in a regular bicycle. What makes a trike a better option for heavy people is that it can support heavier weights compared to bicycles.

Most tricycles are single speed and don’t provide many gear options. This makes them a lot easier to use even for people who are not familiar bicycles. You don’t have any beginner controls to mess around with. This also makes it a lot easier to maintain them compared to the Maltais speed tricycles.

Writing a trike is a very enriching activity because it’s great for both body and mind. Sitting in a trike is like sitting in an armchair. There is no need to lean forward like you would normally do on a regular bike. 

So there are great option even for those people who suffer from back pain. If you have foot pain or hip ankle, you can still ride a trike it may help you relieve some of that pain. People with autism, Parkinson’s and other kind of brain injuries can also write tricycles safely.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Buying an adult tricycle - Read this

There are many different designs and models when it comes tricycles. The wide range of choices can make it really difficult for some people to pick the right tricycle for themselves. What makes trikes desirable is the comfort and ease of use they offer. Their comfortable seats make riding a pleasure. Many have limited gear options ranging from one speed to three-speeds.

They have becomes really popular among seniors. People with special needs such as those who have difficulty maintaining their balance will find tricycles very useful. The low-center section which many tricycles have makes it easy to get on and off. They are very stable thanks to their three-wheel platform. Even when you stop or you ride at a slow speed, the trike is unlikely to tip over. When you stop, you can safely put both feet on the ground such as to have a chitchat with a neighbor or just to enjoy the scene.

The option seat back that some tricycles have can be attached to make riding even more comfortable. The upright riding position which some trikes offer is great for the back and hands. To make riding smoother and less bumpy, many trikes have relatively larger tires. The handlebars in some models are raised to make them easy to reach and grip ergonomically.

When it comes to bikes and trikes, spare and replacement parts are a major concern for many people. Many tricycles have the same standard bike parts you would find in any bike shop. So, most components are similar except for the frame. The same thing goes for repairs and maintenance. Any bike repair shop should be able to repair and maintain your tricycle.

Overweight people will find it great to exercise on a trike. In addition to the enjoyable time they have, they will burn a few calories and get fitter. Although most trikes support weights up to 400, check the specs just to be sure.